WALSAA (Wisconsin Agricultural and Life Sciences Alumni Association) is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization that supports the connection of students, faculty and alumni to the University of Wisconsin’s College of Agricultural and Life Sciences (known to many of us as CALS).

Established in 1972, WALSAA has embarked on a remarkable journey of service and fellowship with alumni and friends of CALS. Noted by Roger Biddick, first WALSAA president at the organizations’ first meeting, “As alumni we can act more effectively than any single group to rebuild the image of greatness that this college so justly deserves and at the same time enjoy the fellowship of working together.”

Supporting Outstanding Students and Great Advisors

WALSAA supports numerous CALS students annually through the Outstanding Sophomore Award Scholarships, Farm and Industry Short Course awards, major funding for a student leadership retreat and other professional development opportunities.

To recognize faculty and staff advisors, WALSAA developed and endowed the WALSAA Advising Award. Established in 1997, the award is given to a member of the CALS faculty for exceptional student advising service.

CALS Students Roll Out the Welcome Mat

WALSAA’s reach also extends into high schools around the country by providing annual funding for student ambassadors. You won’t find a more engaging bunch than the CALS Ambassadors who help recruit the brightest and the best to the College. WALSAA provides funding for the group’s activities, orientation recruitment and attire.

Alumni Connections

Communication and networking are key ingredients in all of our lives, and WALSAA provides numerous opportunities for alumni to stay in touch with their alma mater. WALSAA.org is the newest source of up-to-date information about WALSAA and an easy way to make your annual tax-deductible contribution. You also can visit the site to register for upcoming events. Our quarterly newsletter, WALSAA Express, is sent to lifetime and annual members providing them with stories about the college and WALSAA events. WALSAA hosts an annual picnic during Farm Technology Days and the famous WALSAA Fire-Up tailgate.

If you enjoy working on behalf of the college, WALSAA provides a wonderful opportunity for service. Lend a hand, shake a hand or get your hands dirty! WALSAA volunteers assist with events (Picnic and Fire-Up) in addition to hosting students who may want to visit their businesses for tours or interviews.

Membership and Donate

Strengthen your connection to CALS by becoming a lifetime or annual member of WALSAA.  Already a member?  Donate to one of our WALSAA funds to support student scholarships and leadership activities.  Every dollar donated is 100 percent U.S. tax deductible and used to fund scholarships, CALS Ambassadors, advisor awards and networking events that make the College an outstanding place to learn and re-connect.